WeSupply Returns Webinar:

Learn how to make your returns profitable!

In this 30-minute overview and product demo, Cofounder, Virgil Ghic, will show you how you can make your returns profitable — in just minutes — without losing the personal touch your customers love!

You’ll learn why over 1000 Shopify Brands are using WeSupply to save time and money, retain more revenue and drive customer loyalty.

Why You Should Join Our Webinar?

You’ll learn how your customer will:

1) Reduce Operating Cost with Advanced Return Policies
→ Smart routing rules for fast and cost effective returns
→ Automate over 50+ Return Policies
→ Built to handle any Return Policy
→ Save Time, Recover Revenue

2) Convert Returns into Exchanges

→ Exchange return items with any product → Reship the same item → Exchange for the same value item → Exchange for a higher valued item

3) Onboard with Confidence, On Time!

→ Most Shopify customers Go live in as little as 3 days → Train your team to use WeSupply → What information we need from you to setup everything for you